Different Ways To Style Locs

Hello ladies! 

Just like loose natural hair, locs are also quite versatile and shouldn't be kept in a box. There are variety of ways to style locs that are as well classy and chic. Maybe some time, I might consider locs. Maybe just maybe.

Take a look!

Which ones are your faves? 

Love,knits and knots

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  1. Wao! Dis are all a nice hairs, I kent even shooze!

  2. All I want to do is run off to the salon and loc my hair.
    "No lever"
    But the hair are so cool especially the ones with colours.

  3. Most of the styles look really complicated

  4. What I really want to know is where did they loc their hair? I want to loc my hair too but the ones I see on the streets of Lagos just look razz and one kind abeg.


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