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Hey everyone,

So I mentioned several times in May that I was undergoing a natural hair styling challenge throughout the whole month. This was the second time I've done this. Every single day in May, I along with other natural haired ladies came together virtually on Instagram and posted photos of our hairstyles on a daily basis. It wasn't limited to free natural hair, but also to braids, twists, etc. I would like to say that it was a success and I saw a bunch of beautiful hairstyles that I would like to replicate in the future. I'll just share my favorite hairstyles from each participant here.


I had to post 2 pictures of this next gurl. She had braids for the first 3 weeks and took them down in the last week. Trust me, she SLAYED everyday!!!


Do you see anything you like?

Well, since I put my hair through quite a bit in May, so I'm going to do a hair treatment this weekend to help strengthen my hair, followed by a protective hairstyle (faux locs) that I will keep in for 3 weeks or so. Next week's post will deal with my Rhassoul Clay experience, so staaaaaaaaaaaaay tuned and have a BERRY pretty weekend!

Berry Dakara.


  1. Kai, this shows I really need to get a hair life. I make natural hair look boring most times. Who says natural hair ain't beutiful? Just look at these pics.

    Berry, did you style that hair yourself?

    1. Yes ma'am, I styled myself all through the challenge.

    2. Mehn, u have become a pro o. I duff my hat to you.

  2. Lord pls give me the strenght nd inspiration to do likewise nd pls tell my hair to obey me. Amen

  3. awwwww see all my pretty ladies ....


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