Natural Hairstyles Featuring Conrows and Twists

Hi ladies!

Y'all know how the importance of protective styling can not be overemphasized, that's why today I'm gonna be sharing some protective styling hairstyles. I know how exhausting it must be installing extensions every now and then and so I'm hoping we could move out of the box and try some styles without extensions.

Okay so, here goes.

                                                                    Flat twists

                                                              Conrows and twists

                                                                 Conrows and twists

                                                            Flat twist with twist out updo

                                                            Flat twist and two strand updo

                                                                  Flat twist updo

                                                                          Twist updo


Alright ladies. Which one would you be trying next?

Love,knots and kinks


  1. The last one is lovely!
    And the flat twist out with updo

  2. How do I get the chunky twist? My hair is it so full and my twists don't come out that chunky? I would love to have a scalp full of hair .....

  3. They're all beautiful, my favourites are the first and the last. Can't wait to try


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