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Last week, as I was fixing my hair, Big Sis came in to get her hair done. I was having a frustrating time with my hair because I did not prep it the night before. You know how that is!! Well, without thinking, I said, "If someone says something negative about my hair, they can just keep the opinion to themselves". "It's my hair and I can do whatever I want".

A few minutes later as I was styling Big Sis's hair, she said, "Mom, I don't want you to do that style". I said, "I think the style look pretty". She then....YES SHE THEN proceeded to say, "But it's my hair, can't I do whatever I want?"


Food for thought.

My question to you is: At what age do you start letting your kids make hairstyle choices?


  1. Loool! Kids eh? Well maybe once in a while you let them choose the style as long as it's practical and appropriate for the occasion. When you hands off their hair care and leave it almost entirely up to them, then I dare say you hands off their hairstyle choices as well

    1. Abi. Sometimes I do let them choose the style. Once Big Sis came to me with a drawing and wanted me to cornrow the drawing. LOL! I wish I was a great hair artist.

  2. My daughter had always had an opinion over her hair style since she was three. Sometimes I let her have her ways. Other times its what mummy say.

  3. When I was little, my mom would drop me at the salon after giving me instructions but I would sometimes tell the braider to do not more than 10 cornrows (all back) or even 2 big braids (brush) lol. The way my mom would shout and send me back there LOL

    As long as the child isn't being unreasonable like I was (for instance "brush" would be a mess by day 2 or day 3), I think you could let her have her way.

    1. I have started giving Big Sis more freedom. Growing up, I never did have such freedom. I remember also being dropped off at "Sha-sha" market.. LOL! HATED it... I was glad when my mom finally took me to a proper salon. I felt like "Royalty".


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