Love Series: Learn How To Love Your Natural Hair

Hello everyone,

I must say that from a lot of comments on posts on this blog, it seems that more naturalistas like their hair, if not love. There was a time when it seemed like there was a lot of frustration out there, and people were confused about what to do with their hair. With more research and natural hair becoming more popular, it's been easier for a lot of naturalistas to feel comfortable in their hair and embrace their curls. For those who haven't yet reached that point though, this post is for you.


  • Know Your Hair
    One of the key ways to love your hair is to KNOW IT. Take time to know what your curl pattern is. What's your porosity? Does your hair like protein? Does your hair like ACV? Do it like Aloe Vera Juice? Knowing the answers to these questions and more, will help you select the right products that will bring out the best in your hair. And that will help you fall in love with your kinks.
  • Look for Inspiration
    These days, we don't have to go far, to see women with beautiful natural hair. From Lupita to Solange, to our very own Mane Matters and Naturallure Spotlight posts, there are so many pictures that depict how beautiful natural hair IS. It's easier to appreciate your own hair, when you see that other people are wearing their hair out and PROUD! From actresses with big a$$ fros to models with short cuts, there is a lot of inspiration to pick from.
  • Take Care of Your Natural Hair
    Let's be honest. A lot of people who think that natural hair is frustrating and hard, are really not taking care of their hair properly. The key is to have a regimen that helps you nurture and nourish your hair. Deep Conditioning treatments make my hair feel so luxurious and soft. Wrapping my hair at night helps my edges stay down, so I appreciate my hair style even more. If you love your hair with care, it will definitely show.
  • Style Your Hair
    Want to appreciate your hair more? STYLE IT! You know already that the number of natural hairstyles out there is limitless. Locs, bantu knots, twist outs, braids, shingles, and more, are all yours for the taking! So you have short hair, slap on some pudding or gel to enhance the curls, or use some pretty hair accessories. The point is, YOU TOO CAN STYLE YOUR HAIR! If you stumble on a favorite hairstyle, then hold on to it. For me, I know that I can always put my hair up in a bun and feel good about my hair. 

So I hope these tips help you on your journey to loving your natural hair. Are there any tips that have helped you? Let's share in the comments below. The first person to comment on the post, with their email, wins a N500 recharge card!

Have a lovely weekend :)
Berry Dakara


  1. I love my curls.

  2. I love my curls.

  3. Love my natural curls.

  4. Just love this blog. Apart from the little challenge of knowing what my hair loves, i think i d every other thing and im learning to love my hair more.

  5. Thanks for the tips but do how can someone determine their hair type because I think that helps.

    1. You can find out your hair type by studying any of your shed hairs, and looking at the curl pattern. You can have different curl patterns on your head. For instance, the hairs on top/near the front, and also at the back are a bit straighter than the other parts of my hair.

      You can also check your porosity - that is the ease with which your hair absorbs and loses moisture. That will help you determine the best kinds of products you can use.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Titi,
      Here is how I test my porosity:
      I hope it helps you.

  6. I Love and take care of my hair but I don't have the answers to all the porosity gini gini... I following the youtube link to fix up :)


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