Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 37

There’s this woman I have been stalking for a while now. I really want her to be my career mentor. I actually met her at an event I attended with Dimeji. She was with a popular actress so I just greeted her, and ask for the number of her foundation, because I wanted to join. If only I were wiser, I would have taken advantage of that opportunity to ask her to be my mentor, but my love for Dimeji was still intoxicating me at that time. I was more concerned that he was not standing by my side, and talking to this woman for longer would keep me away from Dimeji for a longer time. I seemed more in a hurry that this high and mighty woman.

She collected my card to give her staff to call me about the foundation, and commented about how beautiful my natural hair looked.

Six months later, I started stalking this woman over the internet. Sending messages, tweets and all. My career must move forward o. I don’t want to end up as an Admin staff like Madam Adams, commenting about how people’s hair look like mop, because of don’t have better things to do.

I scolded myself for not seizing the opportunity when I had it. I blame everything on Dimeji.

So this high and might woman finally responds to me, saying I should send her DMs on twitter, which I do. I send her this long email, breaking it into several DMs, and she responds positively, saying she will see what we can do.

I was very pleased to hear from her, and was like “Thank you ma. So you remember me. Wow.” I was really feeling special.

And she goes. “Of course I do. I remember you and your natural hair. Meet me by…”

I was elated. This is someone who is like the wind. You can feel their influence all around you, but can never tie them down. And I just got her on lockdown, thanks to my hair, and the fact that it stood out in the evening dinner.

Who says your natural hair can’t make a way for you?

Epic Success!
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  1. haha, natural hair can make you or break you, depending on how you handle it looool. after reading that article about the identity of the people in this diary, I'm always wondering whether its true story or not every time i read it.

    1. As I said that day, 70% of the stories are people's true stories, so you will do yourself a great justice to believe they are all true, instead of trying to figure it out. And yes, this really happened

  2. at least there are people out there who see beautiful natural hair and say good things about it. congrats aNNA! wummyatme@yahoo.com

  3. When it comes to natural hair,most times people just stare just a few of them that summon courage to compliment you. I get a lot of stares and I just smile at them.congrats on getting what you wanted.

  4. It's true that natural hair sets people apart, and makes us more recognizable. I'm glad it was good recognition in this instance.

  5. Before you meet her, Berry, I would advice you read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. Especially the chapter on mentorship. There is some very valuable advice there that you may need.


    1. This is not Berry's diary. It is Anna's. I strongly doubt that Berry is a 25 yr old unmarried corper

    2. Lol, it's not me. Just my picture, is all. Will check out the book anyways.


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