Mane Matters with Ezra Olubi

Hello Naturalistas,

Today we are bringing the First male guest on Mane Matters, Yay! 

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
I'm Ezra Olubi and primarily a software developer who shares a house with four cats and has an almost insatiable craving for symphonic metal and epic music.

AN: What's your thoughts about natural hair?
Natural hair is honest, unpretentious, and beautiful.

AN: What are your thoughts about ladies rocking their natural hair?
Same as above.

AN: What made you decide dreadlocks?
It was purely accidental actually. Ever since I was much younger, I have always loved growing out my hair, and coupled with my prevalent nonchalant self, ignore combing it as often as I should. Naturally, the tangling began and I liked what it was turning into, then I went to the salon and made it official.

AN: How long have you had the dreads?
Officially, 7 months.

AN: What has your experience been?
Pleasant. The stares, admiration (both silent and vocal), etc. 

AN: What was/is your biggest fear about dreadlocks?
None. Although I did worry I'll be breaking my mom's heart for a bit. 

AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?
You can chose to be swayed or worked up over negative comments, or you can simply ignore those. I usually go with the latter and bask in the more often admiration instead.

AN: Whats your must have product and accessory?
Hydrathema Naturals products.

AN: Whats most challenging for you taking care of/keeping the dreads?
The part where I get to sit in a salon filled with ladies for hours? Just kidding. I love that. 

AN: Whats you advice to anyone planning to take the dreadlocks lane?
Patience. Dreadlocks don't just happen. It takes nurturing and is a little different for each person. As long as good care is taken, growth will come.

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  1. Cool interview! Its nice to see a guy featured on the blog. Maybe you guys can interview Denrele one day cos his hair is LEGEN-DARY!!!


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