Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 25

If you ask around in camp, you will find out that I am actually one of the few people who are enjoying camp, or at least brave enough to admit it. No I am not jumping from place to place or gathering to gathering, but I am enjoying the camp experience in general.

I was almost signed up to represent my platoon for the Miss NYSC beauty pageant, but dropped when I insisted I wasn't going to wear a weave. I even decided to compromise for them, and said I would do a twist out. My platoon organisers and Richard, the military man that was heading my platoon did not understand what I meant by twist out. So I went as far as showing them pictures on my blackberry. I even borrowed Tonya's iPad to show them a video of how it is achieved and how fabulous it can look. They did not agree, because they felt it would not be beautiful enough to compete with ladies from other platoons who would be wearing weaves. In my mind, I was like "see these ones o. I am even agreeing to loose these corn rows for you, considering the fact that I said I wasn't going to touch this hair while in camp, and you are not seeing it as a favour I am doing for you guys." So, I told them to find another person, since they not ready to meet me half way. Too bad for them, cos in my opinion, they are the losers. As for me, I don't need a competition to validate my looks.

Many girls in camp felt I was nuts to turn down such an opportunity, and some even told me to my face. I told them being considered for the pageant amongst so many ladies, without me having make up and flowing hair, was privilege enough for me. And in my mind, I was already a winner, lol.

They actually came back to 'accept me', saying I could use a wig instead. Maybe if they had given me that option before, I would have considered, but as at then, I was already put off, and told them "Hell No. Don't bother."

Aww Hell Naw

The girl that eventually won has her room wing directly opposite mine, and made her hair in my room on the morning of the competition. And so, as I watched her strut her stuff on stage on the night of the pageant, I could tell you for sure, there was nothing beautiful about the hair underneath her weave.

I am leaving camp tomorrow. It was fun while I was here, but what would be more fun would be getting to embrace Dimeji after three weeks of forced separation?


  1. I remember camp. I had braids in camp. Lol @ removing you from the pageant. Ohhhhh, post idea! Thanks!!!

  2. One girl in our miss NYSC pageant had the most beautiful natural hair. I went to camp with my big chop so I was so inspired by the fact that she didn't give in to the need to get a weave for the competition


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