Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 23

Hello my diary readers, as you should know by now, I am at the Osun state NYSC camp. I have been here for the past one week, and so far, I have enjoyed it. I am missing my work place and colleagues, but definitely, not Thomas. Aaargghh, good riddance to bad rubbish. I miss Dimeji so so much. But at least, we still get to chat.

Because I did not plan to style my hair for three weeks, due to the rigours of camp life, and my decision to stay away from weaves for the next few months, I decided to do something bold and daring, which in hindsight, was my first mistake. I just did corn rows, without extensions, and went to camp like that. I felt I didn't need to stress myself about my hair, since I was not even in the mood to impress anyone. I was sure to go to a hair stylist that could weave hair very neatly.

And so I took my tidy-looking corn rows to Osun state camp, and wore very large hoop earrings. In my opinion, I looked good. It reminded me of they days Alicia keys wore corn rows and large hoops.

The next day after I got to camp, I was told my the military men to remove my earrings. They said such large earrings were not allowed in camp, and I should either use a small earring, tiny stud, or no earrings at all. Actually, I already knew about this because my elder sister had told me before, cos she served in a very strict camp in the north. But I just wanted to try my luck.

I went to my room, and checked my bag, only to discover I had forgotten to bring along my small earrings. And so my reader, I was stuck in camp, with corn rows without extensions, no earrings, and no make up (Make up is not allowed on the parade ground), so I don't even bother wearing it to other places. I stood out among many ladies, who had different kinds of weaves and extensions on. It was rare to see any lady carrying natural hair.

On Friday, I was on my way to register for my bicycle allowance, when a lady stopped me, and ask why she did not see me at fellowship a day before. I looked at her well, and wondered if she was mistaking me for someone else. In my mind, I was like "Do I know you?"


I told her I did not know what she was talking about. She then asked if I wasn't a Deeper Life member, and shouldn't be attending the fellowship on camp.

It was then it dawned on me. A young girl in this day and age, No earrings, no make up, no extensions, and to cap it up, natural hair. She must be a Deeper Life member. Typical Nigerian stereotype.

No one told me twice before I ran to Mammy Market to buy a small GL ear studs, because the next thing is they might force tracts into my hands to start distributing.


  1. hahahahahaha.*force tracts into your hand*.

  2. LOL! Very typical stereotype!

  3. hahahaha... Thank God for mammy market.

    Your posts are always a delight to read dear.


  4. Lollll! Now, that was funny.

  5. LOL!!!

    I hope you carried your scarf to keep your hair tidy and protect it from the awful pillows.

  6. LOL
    You should have just requested for skirt, tell them wearing the trouser is not your thing ;)


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