Mane matters with Ekene Chuks-Okeke

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Hey guys, this is Ekene! I’m not really a student anymore, but I’m not employed either- I’ll be a youth corper and a lawyer in a couple weeks so till then, it just makes me feel good about myself to say I’m a Natural Hair Blogger.

AN: What are your thoughts about natural hair?

I am absolutely besotted with the wonder that is kinky-curly-coily hair. Sometimes, I look at the different textures and I can only think about how awesome God is. Natural afro-textured hair is beautiful and the most versatile texture of all. Oh, the things you can do! 

right after BC

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?

In my quest for healthier hair, I discovered the natural hair community on the internet and for the first time it occurred to me that it was actually an option for my hair to grow this way! Our hair is the most interesting, most gorgeous selection on this planet so it didn’t take much convincing that natural was the way forward.

AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned?

I did my big chop after transitioning for 8 months.

AN: What was your BC experience like? any fears?

It took me a LONG time to finally start transitioning (about 2 years) and then 8 months of transitioning before I was eventually ready to do the Big Chop. At that point there was no other angle to be considered. So I can say I wasn’t afraid when I sat in the salon chair that day for my BC.

AN: What has your experience been?

Not long after my BC, I was feeling pretty fearless and also lazy about my few inches of hair that I decided to take it lower. Big mistake. The barber was the world’s most horrible barber and my hair was an uneven patchy mess. The right side was noticeably longer than the left. So I covered my hair up for months. By October, I was satisfied with my new growth and went to have a re-chop. It was after this that I fell in love with my hair and started really wearing it out. And since then it has been a very fun and very interesting learning curve. At first, I found it difficult trusting the idea that this natural oil could do this or do that. Things Naturalistas say like ‘Listen to your hair’ sounded like Avadakedavra to me in the beginning, but now I understand! 


Some days my hair annoys me but then I look in the mirror and put my hands in it and I’m reminded why I love it so. Many a time, my fro has been a conversation starter and it also makes people think I’m interesting. I love it!

AN: What was your biggest fear about going Natural?

My biggest fear was that I would be ugggg.

AN: Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?

I am NEVER going back to a relaxer.

AN: Do you have any hair regimen you stick to?

I like to co-wash two or three times a week with a silicone free conditioner. I use a leave-in conditioner three times a week after my co-wash, and seal with Olive oil. Between co-washes, I spritz my hair with a mix of water and glycerine. I make sure I deep condition with honey and olive oil every week! Every four weeks or so, I clarify- with shampoo or a no-poo method. I recently started doing mudwashes with Bentonite Clay and so far, so good! 

AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about you hair, how do you deal with that?

I’m somewhat reserved, so random people rarely come up to me to express their concerns about me. My friends love my hair. My parents are still trying to understand my hair but they’re doing really well. When they make fun of me on the days I look like a crazy person, I don’t consider their comments negative.

I can’t remember any recent particularly negative comments but I was at the bank last week and the Customer service rep (who had never seen my hair before oh) asked “What did you do to your hair?” Twice. I just looked at her. I think that’s how I do it. The good old blank stare always makes people change the subject or move on.

AN: Whats your must have product and accessory?

Glycerin. My very thirsty low porosity hair loves glycerine. 

Lately, on days I don’t feel like combing my hair or wearing it out, a scarf is just the best thing!

scarf day

AN: Whats your advice to anyone planning to ditch relaxers?

You are beautiful! Do it!! Be ready to love and cherish YOUR texture, it’s YOURS! Your hair is custom-made, very unique. You aren’t just going natural, you are going back to YOUR natural. It’s SO easy to get caught up in all the information and opinions available but I want 

your focus to be on your head.


  1. Kene looks so pretty. Yeah my biggest fear also was that I'd become unattractive.


  2. hey! you're my hair twin. I like the features on here. they're real and relates to many of us here! a majority of the features on BGLH and the like are the "wishful" hair many wants.


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