Diary of an Honest Naturalista Week 5

Dear Natural Hair Diary,


I'm pissed. I'm really pissed. I dont even know where to start my rants from neither do i even know where else to vent apart from here
RIGHT HERE!!! arrrrggghhh
Something happened today. oh what the heck...things happen everyday but this week, i think someone is trying to prove something to me by telling me how uncivilized natural hair is.
She even goes on to explain that we're in the civilized and modern era and so why do i want to keep doing things that make it seem we're still in that region of black is strong and black is power

Right now, i dont even know what to do. My hair is in twists presently. This annoying colleague of mine, Miss 'Y'-dont-you-keep-your-mouth-shut' thank you very much goes on to wonder if this natural hair evolution thing is a kind of cult or something. Why cant we just stop showing ourselves already and do what the right thing is.
Let your hair 'RELAX'
you heard me, she said relaxxxxxxx, like i need it to.
oh bouncy curls, curl all the way and make me shine. the best thing Miss Y can do is to mind my business while i mind mine.
and with her telling me i look more of a child when on my natural hair, well, i'd rather look like myself than her...
#sticks tongue out#

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  1. lmaaaaoooooooo!!!!....lol.....pele.....cant wait to get to skul nd get d same reaction too


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