Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 4

Dear Natural Hair Diary,

During the weekend, I thought of so many things to do to my hair and I watched so many videos on different hairstyles I can try out for the week.
I also read natural hair blogs and other dos and dont about hair, keeping tabs till it started piling up and after a while I got tired reading and watching...

Something really devastating happened this week. I know some naturalistas don't approve of hair idols, but as much as I tried, I couldn't help fall in love with Naturhairlista. I wished my hair was like hers. Whenever I had a bad hair day, I only had to remember her, and I got motivated to go on. Day and night, I dreamt about my hair being like hers in about 3-5 years. Because of this, it was so sad that I woke up one morning this week to realise that she had gone to relaxers, rolling out the statement that 'the natural phase is over for her'. I was so shocked. I am sure there's more to it. Maybe she got a million dollar deal from a relaxer company to model her waist length hair. Who knows? As for me, I have learnt my lesson. No more idols for me. To last long in this natural hair journey, I'll just have to do me, and love my own hair.

I am still sad anyway. People have been asking me what was wrong, but I dared not mention the real reason. They would not understand, especially my family.

In the mean time, I am receiving compliments for my not so long twist outs. Who cares about Naturhairlista falling off the band wagon. Some people are beginning to love and accept my hair, and that's some encouragement I don't mind having in this season.

See you all next week.


  1. Hairlista have always had Relaxed hair, I remember I use to refer my Relaxed friends and family to her YT and blog about 3years ago. Unless she decided to try the natural route for a while. But then I googled her, and it seems she has a lot of Natural hair followers. But it seems her website has both Natural and Relaxed women. Unless there are two of them. I'm confused :( I personally don't have a "hair idol". I'm my own idol.

    1. This is a diary column. So we use pseudo characters a lot, meaning they are fictional stories portraying the challenges of some naturalistas. The Hairlista we used here is fictional, because we did not know there was really a Hairlista out there.

      We will change the character name to clear the confusion. Thanks


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