Mane Matters with Kovie Anna Parker

I've decided to bring to you people I know that have either done the big chop or are trying to transition. We are calling the interview series on this blog Mane Matters. Today we would be meeting the Lovely miss Parker.

Whats your name?

Kovie Anna Parker

What do you do for a living?
I'm a lawyer and I work with the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

How long have you had your natural hair?
About five months now
4 months post BC

What was the motivation behind it?
My relaxed hair had become badly damaged and I'd cut it time and time again but it just went really bad again (I was terrible at managing it). I began researching for possible solutions to my hair dilemma when I came across pictures and blogs of beautiful natural-haired black women, it was instant love for me and I wanted my hair to be like that. Needless to say, I also realised that it'll force me to properly manage my hair. It took me a while to psych myself into beginning this journey and I know it's only been five months but I love my hair!!

So big chop or transition?
Trying to transition

I tried to transition but only lasted a few months. I was so eager to see my natural hair that I promptly did my big chop. 

What were your fears?

I had quite a number of fears, the first being that I wasn't sure I'd be disciplined enough to take proper care of my hair. I was also not sure how I'd look with really short hair. Luckily for me, I've never really been one to care much what others thought about my appearance so acceptance wasn't an issue. I just needed to be 100% sure going natural was what I wanted to do... That took a while, but as soon as I made up my mind, deal was done. 

Do you have a regimen that you follow for your hair? 
Not really. I co-wash as often as I can. I also rinse with apple cider vinegar every once in a while. My hair's extra tough so deep conditioning is my friend. My hair is usually done up in loose braids because of work anyway, so I'm not manipulating it too much. I carry around a spray bottle which usually has water and oil in it, or leave-in conditioner. That's about it really. I love seeing growth, no matter how little, every time I take down my braids.

Whats your must have product?
Shea butter. Before I started my journey, one thing I didn't want to be was a product-junkie. So for me less is always more. I try as much as I can to keep it simple. As long as I have water, shea butter and some oil (usually extra virgin olive oil), I'm good. Once in a while I may add something to the mix but my basics are always there. I also keep hair mayonnaise for deep conditioning... In addition to whatever else is available at the time.

Enjoying your journey so far?
Loving it! My hair's still really short and I can't wait to see what it's like when it's longer but I love my hair. Whenever it's not done in braids, I enjoy flaunting it. I enjoy the somewhat weird looks I get sometimes. I even enjoy when people ask me why I won't relax my hair. I love being the "odd one". Lol.. I enjoy the attention (even the negative ones). I'm getting good at shrugging off the snide remarks. I love my hair and that's all that counts.

Advice for anyone that wants to go natural?
Be sure that's what you want to do. Do your research and go natural for you. Make sure you're doing it for you. That's the most important advice really. Whatever your reason for going natural, let the basic be that it's for you. That's one sure way to love the process. 
Also, be prepared for the bad hair days. I find that it helps to keep pictures of natural women that motivate you. On the days, when you just want to relax the hair and be free from the "struggle" those pictures will help you keep calm. Lol.. At least it helps me.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Nice interview. We share the same reason for going natural - forcing oneself to take better care of hair.

    Glad you're enjoying it.


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