Calling for Guest Hair Bloggers

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Hiya Peeps, how's the Natural of not-so-Natural Hair journey going?

African Naturalistas is calling for Guest Bloggers. I believe a lot of us have benefitted from reading this blog, so I guess its time for others to learn from you too. As you know, no single person possesses all the knowledge in the world, so it would be nice for us to learn from one another.

1. The articles should be about or relate to Natural Hair.
2. The articles should not contain offensive or vulgar languages.
3. You can choose to remain anonymous, if you prefer.

Here are some things you can write about
a. Hair maintenance tips
b. Hair styling tips
c. Natural Hair inspiring pictures
d. Your Natural Hair journey
e. A whole lot more...

Send your articles to All writers would be linked back to the articles submitted.

Please, please, and please. I would really like you guys to come on board and participate in this. So, let's set the ball rolling. I really appreciate it. Gracias

Do you know that you have just eight days left to vote on the poll of your greatest Natural Hair challenge? Please vote on the gadget on the right hand side, in order to let us know what your greatest natural hair challenge is. This will help us know what problems most naturalistas have and we will therefore be able to carry out more research and do posts on what we have found out.

Also, follow us on twitter. The twitter handle is @africanaturalis

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