Sunday, 27 November 2016

DIY LOUNGE - Basic Natural Hair Recipes

A lot of people claim or believe they do not have a DIY bone in them! So, they just scroll down all DIY posts and  go "ooh", "haa", "wow" and then end their comments with "I wish I could do this but I am not a DIY person".
Well, I for one do not subscribe to that, I believe everybody is in fact a DIY expert if we could just bring out time and be patient with ourselves.
 I am going to be sharing some basic and well known natural hair DIY recipes and I am very sure that after going through today's post, self doubters will have a rethink.

   Things needed
- 2 tbs water
-2 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice
-2 tbs olive oil.
- In a small bowl, mix all ingredients and massage into scalp and damp hair.
- leave in for about 30 minutes, rinse and then shampoo.

*** This recipe does wonders for itchy and flaky scalps.

   Things needed
-1 cucumber
- 1 lemon
- peel the cucumber and lemon
- put them in a blender and blend till smooth
- apply as you would a shampoo
- scrub and rinse out really well, making sure you get all the pulp from the lemon out.

*** cucumbers have nourishing properties and lemons are popular for their cleansing properties, combining these two can help combat dry scalps.

   Things Needed
- 1/2 cup mayonnaise
-21/2 tbs honey
Mix ingredients together
- apply to your hair evenly and make sure it coats it all
- cover with shower cap and let it sit for 45 mins.
- rinse out, shampoo , rinse thoroughly until there is no mayo left!

*** sun and heat leave our hair dry and shedding  but mayonnaise nourishes and moisturises our hair.

I hope these recipes help you get through this recession (lol). Please try these recipes and tell me if you discovered the Diy bone in you!

         HAVE A FAB WEEK!!


  1. Thanks for these tips. I have been looking for new home remedies to try for my hair. Trying to go natural

  2. This would be great for people who love experimenting

  3. would be trying the honey and mayonnaise deep conditioner..... can't wait to see the outcome

  4. I love diy's but not for my hair. It just doesn't work for my hair.

  5. The honey and mayonnaise conditioner is my go to conditioner on any wash day it works wonders and leaves my hair super curly a person had to refer to my hair as baby hair I laughed it's nice being natural

  6. Is it the same mayonnaise for salads?


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