Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How to know when Natural Hair DIY is not for you

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing? Kinks and all?

I think I have only tried a DIY natural hair project ever. I did a deep conditioning pudding, which was a hit because it did amazing wonders to my hair. However, I soon realised that DIY is not for me! If you are anything like me, this is how you know that DIY is not for you. Sorry Bukky! ;)

You're not a very patient person; DIY project requires that you be patient. Oh! Very patient. Have you seen the DIY Queen's post? Oil from Onion, Rice water, palm kernel oil, coloured bobby pins? 
You know how long those things take? Whaaat? You gotta be patient. If you are not, errr... Honey! It's not just for you!

You are not ready to fail; There are some of us that don't do so well with failure. Want to DIY? Get ready to fail. Because you will become Dexter and sometimes the Lab will go up in flames. You don't want that? 
errr... Honey! It's not just for you!

You are not persistent; When you don't get it right, you gotta be ready to try and try again till you get it right. Till you get the texture right, till it doesn't burn your scalp, till you nail that hair style... Are you persistent or do you give up easily? 

errr... Honey! It's not just for you!

You lack knowledge; You need to be willing to read and know about what you want to do yourself, most especially when it involves mixing things and since you'd be using it on your hair or skin. It's best to KNOW how others have reacted to it and how you might possibly react too. You don't want to research?
errr... Honey! It's not just for you!

You are a busy bee; Honey, just go to the salon, spend money on whatever you want to do yourself because DIY is just not for you!! 

Where are the DIY queens in the house? Tell us why you enjoy it so much and to the GSTDI(Give someone to do it) Let us know why you don't DIY! 

Let's talk! 


  1. Hehehe hehe. ..This post is funny. I think I am in between. I sometimes DIY, I sometimes don't.

  2. @Discovering natural is one DIY queen I know.

  3. Hmmmmmm... You guys would be shocked if you all know my truth...

  4. I'm just too lazy and can't be bothered. Plus that FOOD can be yummy in my tummy.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. I don't DIY because it's time consuming. I like to believe some companies spend a lot of time making products that work, so why don't I just buy from them. I did the egg, honey and mayo masque to deep condition when I started looking after my natural hair. I hated the eggy smell. Now, I stick with my Shea moisture masque that smells lovely and does the job.


  6. Im a mixture of both. I DIY and use products. When I have time or don't have money I DIY. Of late I have been leaning more towards using products because of time contrainst, but I still like toying with them a bit, adding oils or this or that to give them a kick.

  7. I used to be a DIY person, but ever since we got into product manufacturing... abeg, what are we DIYing again?


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