Sunday, 8 November 2015

DIY LOUNGE : handmade hair packer..

Remember these? Am sure a lot of us rocked these hair packers some years back.. DIY LOUNGE is all about #throwback# today, who is ready for some throwback action...

Materials :

A piece of fabric
Piece of elastic
Sewing machine/ needle and thread.

Direction ::
Step 1
  Cut the piece of fabric and fold into two..
Step 2
   Sew together and turn inside out. You will have something like a tube
Step 3
    Attach the tip of your elastic to the needle and pull through the tube until it is coming out of both ends..

Step 4
   Sew your elastic together, insert your material into each other and sew closed..

 I hope you enjoy making this throw back hair packer, cause I did.. Go make some for yourself and
rock them like a Diva ...

Tips : hand stitch on the inside,making sure your stitches are as tiny as possible..

Am sorry I could not upload a picture for each stage, been battling with that all evening, don't know what's wrong with my device.. Still working on it though, I hope you guys can get this done without the pictures

Your questions and feedbacks are highly
Appreciated,see you at the comment section..


  1. bukola ti dey again oh. emmm okay oh i will try this one

  2. Creative as always, but the finishing is confusing me a bit. How do I make sure the sewed ends of the material is not exposed?

    1. insert the end of the tube into the other and and stitch the side that holds the hair, do not stitch the part that would be exposed and make sure your stitches are tiny...thanks

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I have the same question as African Naturalistas

  4. you are welcome... I would do another batch today and upload pictures of every stage, give me till midday, am sure the pictures would explain better...

  5. Love being in the DIY lounge,cos I can imagine and dream about doing this but I know me....
    This is simple though,almost anyone can do this,nice job.

    1. very simple, try it and send me pictures...

    2. You won't leave Busola alone abi?we are plenty here to fight you o.

    3. You won't leave Busola alone abi?we are plenty here to fight you

  6. Are scrunchies back in style? Good job on the DIYs!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  7. Nice and easy.
    Am thinking, this can be done with the use of glue.

    1. I'm liking your idea. But what kind of glue. If you wash it, it might soften and start unravelling.

  8. If you can get in touch with a wig-making glue gun and wig-making glue. It should last.

  9. This is lovely and so easy.I think a silk material would be better for this


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