Thursday, 29 January 2015

How I Treat Itchy Scalp On My Natural Hair

There are three ways I treat my itchy scalp - which I hardly have. I'm almost always conscious of my scalp, products I use, build up and whatnot. So when I start itching even after cleansing, I know something's wrong somewhere.

Overtime, this three practices have helped alleviate my itchy scalp. Depending on the intensity of the itch, I sometimes do all collectively and so far, I've had no issues.

- Hot oil treatments
- ACV rinse
- Black Tea rinse

- Hot oil treatments
I heat one or two oils until it's steaming hot - not scalding - allow it cool until I can stand the temperature, then apply on my scalp with an applicator bottle or cotton wool in the absence of that and leave it for about 30 mins to an hour under a shower cap.

- ACV rinse
To avoid itchy scalp in the first place, I try to clarify my scalp bi-monthly. But when it's really intense, I mix some ACV and water in my spray bottle and spritz all over concentrating on the scalp. I also noticed that spraying my hair with the rinse works way better than the throw and catch method, IMO. I leave that for about an hour also under a shower cap and rinse out subsequently. Works like magic!

- Black Tea rinse
I incorporate weekly tea rinses into my regimen also to prevent itchy scalp, excessive shedding and breakage. But when it's at its peak, I co-wash/shampoo as the case may be after which I use the throw and catch method of rinsing.

How do you treat itchy scalp?

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  1. Haven't tried hot oil treatment yet. But just spritzingy hair with water works perfectly for me. ACV makes my scalp itch like crazy, black tea rinse is so-so.

  2. Very enlightening. I should incorporate the hot oil treatment into my regimen.

  3. Ok oh!
    I would try them again.
    The Avc didn't work for me neither did the black tea rinse. My hair itches especially during sunny days.

    1. Maybe you didn't do it the right way.


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