Monday, 3 March 2014

African Naturalistas 12 months of giveaway - March

Thanks to all those who entered for the last giveaway, although it is very unfortunate for me to say that we did not see any review. I don't know if iTunes held the reviews back, or if no one actually reviewed, which is very unlikely. Anyway, we are not discouraged, so you shouldn't be. This giveaway is running every month, until the end of July, so there are still a lot of chances. This giveaway is open to everyone all over the world.

This month of March, we will be giving out...

Pack of 5 African Naturalistas Products!

This bundle contains African Naturalistas Hair Butter, African Naturalistas Black Moisturising Natural Shampoo, African Naturalistas Anti-Dandruff Herbal Rinse, African Naturalistas Souvenir, and Spray Bottle.

What you need to do to qualify
Just two simple things
1. Follow us on twitter @africanaturalis.
2. Follow us on instagram

... and you are qualified.

To make it easier for us all, you will be using the rafflecopter gadget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I'm not on instagram but I follow on Twitter and liked your facebook page since the beginning of this year..

  2. I made a review but i think itunes

  3. I wrote a review but I think iTunes filters them :)

  4. What of those that are not on instagram, are we still eligible for the giveaway?

    1. Yes, you are still eligible... just open an instagram account, lol.

  5. What of those that are not on instagram, are we still eligible for the giveaway?

  6. taiwo temitope4 March 2014 at 13:03

    I have none of the accounts, and I still want this giveaway pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

  7. How about those already following?

    1. It still applies. Just use the rafflecopter to enter for the giveaway.

  8. I jus found your blog from sisi yemi and I am loving it! Plus I jus entered *big smile* I hope I win. I followed on twitter and instagram


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