Friday, 24 January 2014

Naturalista Debate: Using Heat on Natural Hair... To Heat or Not to Heat


Thank God for another weekend, right? I just love Fridays! The weekend possibilities are endless - go out to a gazillion places, stay home and chill with the hubby, get my hair washed and blow-dried... WHAT?!?!?! I can just hear some of you screaming :p. Okay, I'm kidding about blowdrying my hair this weekend, but eventually I'll want to, to help with the trim I mentioned in my 2014 Hairsolutions last week. But this got me thinking about how averse a lot of naturalistas are, to using heat on their hair. There are many ways to use heat on natural hair, some "approved" and others "not so approved," such as,

  • Blowdryers - I think people with natural hair are split on using blowdryers.
  • Steamers - Most naturalistas would approve of using this appliance to aid in their DCs
  • Flat/Curling Irons - I'd guess 90% of naturalistas would be against flat/curling irons
  • Hot combs - NO NO NO!!!
    Source: Link no longer active
  • Hair dryers - With the advent of bonnet dryers, naturals are more open to drying their hair this way.
Of the items listed above, I would and have used blow-dryers, steamers and hair dryers. The others are a big NO-NO for me. The issue with heat is that a lot of stylists don't know how to properly protect the hair from being permanently damaged. Proper heat protectant isn't used, the heat settings are too high, the hair isn't properly conditioned beforehand, etc. So it's understandable for a lot of people with natural hair to SAY NO TO HEAT! 

Next week, I'll address the proper steps to take IF you do want to use external heat on your natural hair. But let's see how many of us are pro- and no- heat in the poll below, and tell us why you've made your choice in the comments section.

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Have a loverly week my dears!


  1. As they say, the key is to know your hair. There are some people that straighten their hair with so little heat and all the precaution in the world, they still get hair damage, while some people straighten their hair like every 3 months, and they still have healthy hair. It all depends on your hair texture, diameter, etc. I personally don't use heat on my natural hair. The sun here is enough heat.

    In one word, before using heat, educate yourself.

    1. Yup, knowing your hair is actually one of the points I make in the follow-up to this post.


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